Hyper-sensitive and hyper-fastidious, Marcel Proust was one of the most musically responsive of writers, writing to his friend Gabriel Fauré that he was ‘intoxicated by his music’. Fauré in turn became one of the models for the composer Vinteuil in À la recherche du temps perdu. Yet as Proust revealed, the inspiration for the ‘petite phrase’ associated with Swann’s love for Odette in the novel was not Fauré’s, but the ‘motto’ theme that pervades Camille Saint-Saëns’ Violin Sonata in D minor.


Join us as we explore music associated with Proust in a programme that ranges from late Beethoven (one of the writer’s dearest loves), via the charming, rarely heard Saint-Saëns Violin Sonata and the first movement of Fauré’s Piano Quartet in G minor (inspired by the composer’s childhood memories – Proust would have approved), to Debussy’s revolutionary String Quartet of 1893, Proust’s favourite work by his favourite living composer.


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